Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kaie Kal

Untitled, 2011
graphite and colour pencil on paper and cardboard, rope

Really met people, animals, birds and insects.
Really happened stories.


Nimeta, 2011
grafiit ja värvipliiats paberil ja papil, lõng

Päriselt trehvatud inimesed, loomad, linnud ja putukad.
Päriselt juhtunud lood.

Two crows together nicely on a branch. December.

Finch. Woodpecker. And tit. On Tartu Rose apple tree.

At half past three in a December morning,
two foxes walked in Pärnu, along Voorimehe Street.

Installation views from Y Gallery, Tartu.
On the right, there is an object by Toomas Tõnissoo. /
Installatsionivaated Y galeriist Tartus.
Alumise pildi paremal serval on Toomas Tõnissoo objekt.

When I came from Tartu and the bus driver told me that look,
the sky is so beautiful. January.

Installation views from pART gallery, Põltsamaa, October, 2011. /
Installatsioonivaated pART galeriist Põltsamaal.


Kaie Kal has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts Stage Design Department. Designs theater stages and costumes. Designs studios. Illustrates books. Paints and draws.


Olen lõpetanud EKA lavakujunduse eriala.
Teen lava- ja kostüümikujundusi. Stuudiokujundusi. Illustreerin raamatuid. Maalin ja joonistan.

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